1. Login to your Buying Show account and visit your My collections tab.

2. Click on Add new collection in the top right corner.

3. For each new collection you will be able to adjust certain visability settings, including:

Collection title, description and image

These will show to a retailer at the top of the collection page


For each collection you can set the date the collection will become available and the start and end date for the collection validity. 


besides controlling the collection validity, you can also set the collection as inactive or active at any time, under the collection's status settings. 

Retailer visibility

You can set under this section if a collection would be visible to all retailers, or only choose from your list of connected retailers the ones you would like to make the collection visible to. You will also have the ability to create a sharebale link accessible to any retailer after you've completed creating the collection.

Collection products

Under this section you will be able to browse through your products and choose which products to assign to this collection. 

You have 2 additional ways to assign products to a collection:

A. After creating a collection, use the Collection IDs field in our product upload excel file to assign a product to a collection. You can find your collection ID for each collection under the My collection tab.

B. When viewing all products under your My products tab, click on the Assign button near the product to assign it to a collection. 

4. After completing the collection settings click on Create to finalize the collection.
5. To share the collection with any buyer click on the Share button at the top of the collection and copy the shareable link.

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