To be able to upload your product images to the Buying Show platform the product data needs to be uploaded first (read here how). Also the images need to be named correctly. Our system expects the image files to be named by the product's 13-digit EAN code so it can match them to the right product.

Color and size variants
If a product has different color variants please make sure to name the image files by the EAN code of the correct color variant. In case the product has different size variants you are free to choose the EAN code of any size.

Image order
In case you want to upload more than one image per EAN code please use a special character (for example an underscore) followed by a number (see example below). The images will then be shown ordered by these numbers.

If you have 3 different images of a product with the EAN code 1112223334445 you can name them as follows:


If you want to add more information you could do it like this:


Number of images
Currently we support up to 8 images per product, but we are planning to raise this limit in the future.

Name images by Style Code
In case you do not have EAN codes for your products, which we do not recommend, you can also name the image files by Style Codes. In this case it is important to make sure that the images are named exactly after the Style Code. This means that also any special characters like spaces need to be included. Also you won't be able to use characters like "*" or "/" in a Style Code since it is not possible to use these characters in file names.

We don't currently support associating a style and color by adding the variant color to the image name. We currently only support assocaiting an image with a color by adding the EAN code to the image name.

In case you should have any questions please feel free to contact us via our chat below.

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