In some cases, as a retailer, you may not want to place a final order, but first block inventory and complete the order a little later. In the following we will show you how to place a draft order and edit it before completion.

1. When you are looking at a product on the Buying Show platform click on View colors and sizes.

2. Enter the number of pieces for each product variant for which you want to block stock.

3. Now click on Add to cart to add the products to your cart. In case the brand has set a minimum quantity for the style you might need to increase the number of stock you want to block.

4. Repeat these steps for all the styles you want to block inventory for.

5. Next go to your cart.

6. In your cart overview click on the order you want to submit as a draft.

7. Next, click on Send draft order.

8. Check your billing and shipping address, enter a VAT ID and click on Continue.

9. review your draft order and click on Submit draft order.

9. You will now get a notification that your draft order was sent.

10. The brand will now receive a notification to check your draft order. You will be able to see the status of the draft order on your dashboard.

You will get a notification once the brand accepted your draft order. Only then will the inventory be blocked for you.

11. Once the brand has accepted your draft order you can finalize it anytime by going to your dashboard and clicking on the order.

12. On the next screen revise the order quantities you would like to finalize the order for and click on Checkout in the bottom right to finalize the order.

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