Similarly to uploading new products, you can also update all product data using a CSV file in our bulk uploader. To do so follow these steps:

  1. Login into your Buying Show account and visit your My Products tab.

  2. Click on Select Action, next click on Download Product List

    This will download an excel file with all your products.

 3. Open the excel file, and under the column "Stock" change  the stock quantities for each product you would like to update.

4. Once you've finished, Save the file as CSV.

5. Go back to My Products and click on Select action, next click on Import products

6. Click on Start to start the upload.

7. Select and upload your CSV. 

If you're getting this error "Unsupported file format. Please read how to save your product upload file" double check that you selected a CSV file.

Once you've chosen the CSV file, click on Upload CSV to proceed.

8. Next, you will be able to see an overview of our mapping of your CSV headers to ours, make sure they are aligned and click on Apply to proceed.

9. When the stock update is successful, you will see this success message. 

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