So you were invited to join the lucky community of retailers on Buying Show, now before you can start connecting with brands you will need to take a few steps, including:

  1. Filling out your profile

  2. Providing terms & conditions

How to fill out your profile:

  1. Once you've activated your account, visit the My Profile tab in your Buying Show dashboard. 

  2. Next, add a banner and logo for your profile, these will be viewable by the brand side when seeing your pending connection request and in search results when searching for new retailers.  Logo should be 160X160px. Banner 1423 X 533px.

3. Next, add a description about your business's background. This description can be up to 500 characters.

4. Next add links to any social accounts you have including LinkedIn business page, Instagram page, Pinterest profile, Facebook business page and YouTube channel.  

5. Next, add further details about your store that would help fitting brands discover you including:

Store type: checkmark any option that best describes your store.
Brands Carried: list here any of the brands you already work with.
Target genders: choose your audience/s: women, men and kids.
Operational markets: list the countries that you operate in.
Age groups: select the age groups you sell to.
Categories: select the product categories you sell.
Retail price range: set the price range for the products you sell.
Sales channel: choose your sale/s channel, brick and mortar or eCommerce.

6. Next, you can add images of your products under the Image gallery section. You can also add press releases, or any other documents you want to make accessible for brands. 

7. After completing your profile, you can view how a brand would see it by clicking on the Preview profile button. 

Next, we will move to filling out any information brands should have when you start working together, including contact information and Terms & conditions. 

Filling out contact information and T&C:

  1. To fill out further details brands need to have to work with you, visit the My settings tab. 

  2. You will find here the contact details you already provided, in addition to being able to fill out your billing address and shipping to address. 

  3. Make sure to fill out your Terms & Conditions, which brands can become familiar with before starting to work together. 

That's it! You're all set. If your profile isn't live yet just email us at and after reviewing it we will publish it. 

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