When interacting with buyers on the Buying Show platform you have 2 ways you can apply a discount to a buyer:

  1. Set a fixed discount on all your products, for that buyer

  2. Set a discount per product in a submitted order, for that buyer

Set a fixed discount for a buyer

To set a fixed discount for a specific buyer follow these steps:

  1. Login to your Buying Show account and visit the My network tab.

  2. Click on View profile for the retailer you want to apply the discount for.

  3. In the left side menu click on More.

4. Under Edit discount click on Edit and enter the discount you want to give to that buyer. Note that all products visible to that buyer would have a discount applied to them. 

5. Once you click on Save the buyer will see the given price markdown on all of your products that are visible to them.

Set a discount per product per order

You can set a discount on an order once you received a new draft or final order from a buyer. 

To apply a discount for an order follow these steps:

  1. Login to view the new order, you will be able to see the new order when logging in under Recent orders in your main dashboard. 

2. Click on the order to view it.
3. Scroll down and click on the Edit button for the order.

4. Click on Add discount.

5. In the popup window set the discount you want to apply in percentage. Click on Apply.

6. Click on Continue. Next, review the retailer's terms and conditions and submit the changes to the order.
7. The buyer will now receive a notification regarding the discount and will be able to accept the revised order. 

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