After uploading your products by bulk with CSV you can now import your images. 

Import of images is done through Dropbox.

To get started follow these steps: 

1. First, make sure that the images are named correctly so that our system will be able to match them to the right product (read here how to name your images).

2. Next, log into your Dropbox account. In case you don't have an account yet, you can register on Up to 2 GB of storage is free.

3. Create a folder in your Dropbox account, this will be the folder for uploading the images of the products you just uploaded, so you can name the folder by the name of the collection for reference. 

4. Open the folder and click on Upload files.

5. Select the images from your computer to upload them to the folder.

6. After the images finished uploading, click on Share folder.

7. Click on Create a link and next Copy link

8. Now go to your Buying Show dashboard and visit the My products tab.

9. Click on Select Action > Import images.

10. Click on the Start button and paste the link in the Dropbox link field. 

11. Click on Start import, you will now get a success message, this means that we will start the import and let you know once the import and assignment of images to products is done.

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